MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow Review, Swatch

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow : Hi Friends, Today I am going to review one of the greens I have in my eyeshadow collection. It is MAC Sumptuous Olive!

On MAC’s website, this eyeshadow is described as Khaki with pearl.It is in family of Veluxe Pearl eye shadows. So duh! There has to be some pearl in it! Ok, jokes aside, I love this dirty green color. I would describe is a shade of military green that is kind of like khakhi. It is goldenish-muddy-olive green. It suits fair-medium to darker skin tones very well and goes well with night time and daytime looks depending upon the extent of intensity. You can pair it with heavy wedding kind of clothes or even with casual wear. Plus since its very finely milled with gold, it goes on smooth and doesn’t crease under a primer and stays on for long hours – about 6+ hours. Then it does fade away, which is kind of okay. It has great pigmentation, just a light sweep can pack on nice layer. You can go as heavy as you want or you can keep it just light and right!

Its pretty in pan, but will still appear to be grey-green-shiny-muddy color.

This shade is in the family of greens, so goes well with pinks, goldens, browns and creams. So it is very versatile! My favorite way of pairing it is with either another green or some dark brown in the end. Then black eyeliner and masacara completes the look!

See, you can feel the dirty muddy olive green, yet golden kind of dominates a bit.

This is how it looks with another green eyeshadow! Sumptuous Olive is on the bottom part.

Now lets summarize and see what pros and cons are!


1) Versatile eyeshadow, no fallout, infact sticks to the brush! Or eyelid well.
2) Ease of use, glides on easily, great pigmentation
3) Good Staying Power – abt 6+ hours, if used over a base or primer.


1) It is mostly golden, with a slight olive green in backgrown – it’s kind of like duochrome. So if you are looking for more green, this may not be your choice.
2) I have found it little hard to blend silky shadows (versus matt shadows), but with slightly more efforts, this can be resolved.

After all, my recommendation is buy it if you love it. Veluxe Pearl eye shadows do not disappoint and are quite easy to use and duochrome effect works well if you want to use just 1 eyeshadow and make it look that you have used two!

So I hope you liked the review for MAC Sumptuous Olive!

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