Jovan White Musk Cologne Concentrate Spray Review

Today I am going to review jovan white musk eau de cologne spray by Coty. I wanted to try perfumes from this brand because I had smelled perfumes from this brand on my friends and quite liked it, so wanted to buy one for myself too. These are not light fragrances but more on the stronger side and definitely long lasting.

Let’s learn something about the brand first. It is Jovan by Coty

About the Brand
Coty, Inc. is the world’s largest fragrance company. It is also a beauty products manufacturer whose main businesses are fragrances (65% of revenue), followed by color cosmetics (20%), toiletries (12%) and skin care (3%). It is known for its cooperation with designers and celebrities for the creation of fragrances; prominent among them are Beyoncé Knowles, Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Čech, Céline Dion, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Jennifer Lopez.

Other Brands by Coty Include:

• Adidas
• Aspen
• Astor
• Baby Phat
• Celine Dion
• COTY body fresh
• Chupa Chups
• David and Victoria Beckham (Intimately Beckham and Intimately Night)
• Desperate Housewives
• Esprit
• Ethan James (Clothing)
• ex’’tion
• Halle Berry
• Isabella Rossellini
• Jovan
• Kylie Minogue perfumes
• mary-kateandashley
• McGraw by Tim McGraw
• Silver by Tim McGraw
• Miss Sporty
• Miss Sixty
• New York Color (NYC)
• Petr Čech
• Pierre Cardin
• Playboy
• Rimmel
• Shania Twain
• Stetson
• Vanilla Fields

Coty Prestige

• Balenciaga – not on current website
• Calvin Klein
• Cerruti
• Chloé
• Chopard
• Davidoff
• Jennifer Lopez
• Jette Joop
• Jil Sander
• Kate Moss perfumes
• Kenneth Cole
• Lancaster
• Marc Jacobs
• Nautica
• Nikos
• OPI[3]
• Philosophy[4]
• Sarah Jessica Parker
• Vera Wang
• Vivienne Westwood

So let’s go this fragrance in particular
I like this perfume. I wear many fragrances, but this one is REALLY DIFFERENT. It is musky, yet feminine and powdery-floral at the same time. What I experience is that when I spray it at first, it comes too strong to me, but slowly it settles down and becomes subtler and I like it more and more as time passes by. It is really long lasting. You have to be careful about the amount you use with this perfume. Too many sprays can give you a headache. Also by the end of the day, when I’m taking off my top a faint smell of it still remains. I am stopped nearly every day – by friends and strangers alike – of every age – to ask me what fragrance I am wearing. This is the BEST cologne I have ever used – it is so warm, sexy – so delightful to the senses .It is definitely not just for daywear – it’s a night-time fragrance, for sure! I can’t get enough of the great comments I hear on how beautiful it smells – especially from men – they LOVE it!

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Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara Review

Details about Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Lift each lash with big, bold, weightless volume.


Unprecedented Bold Volume™ formula has ultra light, lash-thickening fibers.
Lifts and plumps even sparse lashes into big, lush lashes that are all lightness and flirtatious curl.


Exclusive BrushComber™ thickens like a brush. Defines like a comb.
Wraps your entire lash in air-light volume. Lashes soar with 360° lift and curl.

Daringly full, sensuously curved, all-out seductive lashes.
Now take your lashes all the way to big, bold, beautiful.

What I Love about Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

  • The mascara stays on all day long without fading or smearing. Infact you lashes look fresh even after hours and hours of wearing it.
  • It does not clump.
  • It’s a blackest black mascara that gives your sumptuous bold lashes.
  • It opens up your eyes. You might be looking sleepy and droopy, wear this mascara and you’ll look all awake.
  • It’s super water resistant. The other day I forgot to remove my eye makeup and just washed my face. I looked into the mirror and I couldn’t help admiring my lashes. Later I realized, it was not my original lashes but the mascara that was making my lashes look so lush. Even after splashing water all over my face, it wasn’t smearing or anything.
  • I love the packaging. It’s so classy.
  • It has never irritated my eyes.
  • Worth every single penny.
  • It keeps my lashes soft and curled through out the day.

The bristles of the brush coats every single lash with mascara and the thin- short bristles separates lashes giving them a voluminous lift.

See the pictures to believe it.

Without mascara

With Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara (Two Coats)

One More Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara (Two Coats)

I have been a huge Fan of Estee Lauder’s Magnascopic Mascara, this is even better.

I have zero complaints with this mascara.

If you love :

Non clumpy -separate lashes
Bold eyes
Blackest Black Mascara
Voluminous lashes
Water-resistant Mascara
Long lasting effect
This is THE mascara.

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MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow Review, Swatch

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow : Hi Friends, Today I am going to review one of the greens I have in my eyeshadow collection. It is MAC Sumptuous Olive!

On MAC’s website, this eyeshadow is described as Khaki with pearl.It is in family of Veluxe Pearl eye shadows. So duh! There has to be some pearl in it! Ok, jokes aside, I love this dirty green color. I would describe is a shade of military green that is kind of like khakhi. It is goldenish-muddy-olive green. It suits fair-medium to darker skin tones very well and goes well with night time and daytime looks depending upon the extent of intensity. You can pair it with heavy wedding kind of clothes or even with casual wear. Plus since its very finely milled with gold, it goes on smooth and doesn’t crease under a primer and stays on for long hours – about 6+ hours. Then it does fade away, which is kind of okay. It has great pigmentation, just a light sweep can pack on nice layer. You can go as heavy as you want or you can keep it just light and right!

Its pretty in pan, but will still appear to be grey-green-shiny-muddy color.

This shade is in the family of greens, so goes well with pinks, goldens, browns and creams. So it is very versatile! My favorite way of pairing it is with either another green or some dark brown in the end. Then black eyeliner and masacara completes the look!

See, you can feel the dirty muddy olive green, yet golden kind of dominates a bit.

This is how it looks with another green eyeshadow! Sumptuous Olive is on the bottom part.

Now lets summarize and see what pros and cons are!


1) Versatile eyeshadow, no fallout, infact sticks to the brush! Or eyelid well.
2) Ease of use, glides on easily, great pigmentation
3) Good Staying Power – abt 6+ hours, if used over a base or primer.


1) It is mostly golden, with a slight olive green in backgrown – it’s kind of like duochrome. So if you are looking for more green, this may not be your choice.
2) I have found it little hard to blend silky shadows (versus matt shadows), but with slightly more efforts, this can be resolved.

After all, my recommendation is buy it if you love it. Veluxe Pearl eye shadows do not disappoint and are quite easy to use and duochrome effect works well if you want to use just 1 eyeshadow and make it look that you have used two!

So I hope you liked the review for MAC Sumptuous Olive!

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Dove Body Silk Cream Review

This cream was given to me by her sister when I was at home last time ,she said it was way too moisturizing for her and asked if I wanted it .As always ,we never say no to free things,specially if it’s a cosmetic product I happily took it and brought it with me .

What it Claims : Energy rich moisturisers and pure silk for silky soft skin

After taking it from my sister ,I just completely forgot this cream and it got buried somewhere deep inside my cupboard. Once,I was feeling my skin was getting very rough,dried and dehydrated and that was when I remembered about this Dove Body cream.

Its name is itself so appealing – “Silk glow” plus its packaging with cream coloured tub is so soothing that it gives you a belief its going to do good for your skin. Plus it’s a Dove cream,I have personally liked dove, from the time I first used those soap bar. I am sure most of you must have atleast once used their soap bars . I even liked their shampoos a lot but they use to leave a residue on my scalp ,so I had to switch them .

Coming back to Dove Body Cream,I felt the texture was quite thick and it wouldn’t get absorbed easily in the skin . But when I used it on one side of my arm I was so surprised to see it got absorbed very quickly and it literally made my skin glowing and shining ,my skin felt hydrated . I was so happy about the cream that I used it all over my body and happily sat down . After a sometime,I felt a nasty smell coming from somewhere ,after a few sniffs I realised it was ME ! That body cream was giving out dirty stingy smell and I couldn’t figure out why. I opened the cream tub again and smelled it,the smell their was alright but after a few minutes of applying it on my skin,it would start smelling badly. I though may be the cream was expired or something but when I checked its expiration date it was in 2013. I made my room mate smell it too and she literally ran out of the room smelling it . I had to wash my entire body after that.

So anyways ,after all this mishap I called my sister and asked her about the smell and then she told me she gave me the cream because she hated the smell .


It gets absorbed pretty quick
Makes skin very smooth and glowing
Moisturizes skin very well without leaving an oily film over it
Makes you want to touch your skin again and again
I feel its great for both summers and winters since its not to oily and it provides the right moisture needed by the body


The smell is sarcastic I cannot withstand it all
I don’t like the tub packaging,makes it a little difficult to use
Will I purchase it again?

No NEVER EVER ! I will probably run if I even see it in the market. I am thinking to gift rest of the cream to my enemies ! You should buy it only and only if you can withstand it or else you should definitely stay away from it

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Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

Lakme has launched it’s range of metallic eye liners.

Claims :

Easy glide Metallic Eyeliner : Celebrate color all over again . The soft creamy texture gives you a chance to do just that in 7 exciting shades.
Stay Silky Soft : Moisturize on the go with eyeliner colors that are rich in Vitamin E.
Lasts through day : Smudge proof, water resistant, lasts upto 8 hours
Dermatologist tested

l-r jaded mint, electric violet, grey matter, earth line, gypsy green, blue cosmos
All the 7 eyeliners have metallic finish.

Jaded Mint : It’s a jade green metallic finish eyeliner.

Electric Violet : It’s a violet blue shade.

Grey Matter : Gunmetal grey with a hint of blue in it.It has a silvery sheen to it.

Earth line : Gorgeous rich brown

Gypsy Green : Khaki green with gold sheen. It is much richer than the Henna gold eye liner that lakme offers in its other eye liner range.

Blue Cosmos : It’s metallic ocean blue color.

The 7th shade is jet black called Blacklast

lakme black eyeliner
Swatches :

These are twist up eye liners. Very smooth and I loved the shades they have come up with. None of the shades have OTT shimmer. They just have metallic finish so these can be easily worn both during the day and evening.

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